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Kind Words from Clients

Ken Foster- Bestselling Author, Radio Show Host, Podcaster

Working with Peggy Lebo has helped me to unleash my voice and to let go of fears which have shown up in many ways in my life... In my radio show I have more freedom and confidence to speak in ways that have a greater impact… I am completely fearless as a result of working with Peggy- she has unleashed not only my voice -she’s unleashed my presence, my power and my passion as a speaker.



John Biethan- CEO Imagine Podcasting, Podcaster

I went through Peggy’s True Voice coaching program and I’ve got to say it was absolutely amazing. I’m expressing a lot more dynamically. Every time I’m on a microphone there’s a whole lot more of me coming through. It’s more of a body experience and I couldn't be happier about it.


Jan Tucker- Certified Qigong Healer and Trainer

Peggy Lebo is the perfect voice coach. Not only is her own voice a great testimony to her vocal ability--in giving presentations, teaching classes, and in singing, but she has wonderful techniques to help her students learn how to improve their voices. She taught our class how to amplify our voices without stress or strain. Her teaching style is patient, non-judgmental, and loving. She gets the whole class involved in the process of evolving. Her intuitive skills are strong, giving her the ability to pinpoint any issues you might have that are holding you back from expressing your truths in your best, most natural voice. Peggy can teach you how to connect with your inner self, enabling you to express your truths with confidence.


Josee Brisebois- Personal Brand Style Expert, TV Personality

Peggy is the most intuitive vocal coach I have had the pleasure to work with. Her tools and teaching are so practical and most importantly- they work! I absolutely loved my experience with Peggy.


Dale Bach- Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker

Working with Peggy was the most fun, enriching and confidence building experience I’ve had with my voice… Her knowledge and wisdom far exceeds any of my other vocal coaches and I’ve had several in the last 30 years… Her heart is so pure and her desire to bring out the best in my voice actually lifted me up and assisted me with finding my voice… She helped me see that speaking and singing from my heart was not as hard as I thought it was… she made me fall in love with my voice.


Judy Foster- Founder:Women’s Wisdom Networking Group, Speaker

I am so grateful for Peggy’s fabulous workshop! We learned how to access the power of our true, connected voice in ways that changed our lives and helped us to grow our businesses.


D’Anna Robinson- Epic Transformations

Peggy is such a delicious, warm-hearted talented vocal coach who sparkles in JOY and laughter, that it makes learning to express your voice soooo easy and non-threatening. She is very organized with her teaching curriculum and wonderful breathing exercises, plus gives great weekly handouts to practice with. She brings out the hidden gem in each person she works with.... she sure did with me! I feel more confident and motivated to sing on an everyday basis now. I feel like a new door has opened for me. Peggy is so Awesome. . . Give yourself a gift of opening your heart with Peggy Lebo!


Eve Beutler- Founder and Director of Cancer Angels

She’s a vocal coach that inspires you to connect with the true essence and power of your voice.


Kelly Bagla Esq.- author of “Go Legal Yourself!”

I personally work with Peggy and it has been a life changer for has just blown me away to see the difference in my performance from just a month ago.. Peggy you’ve totally changed my life.


Leslee Willes- Sound Healer

Own The Power Of Your Voice was an excellent class. I learned so much and I feel that it helped me be much more comfortable speaking in front of a group!

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