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Coaching Offers

All programs are online sessions via Zoom. 


Contact Peggy for in-person coaching options.  

Individual Coaching Session


  • 1 60-minute consultation

  • One customized vocal evaluation

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Group Coaching Program


  • 4 90-minute group sessions

  • One 30-minute customized session

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Individual Coaching Program


  • 4 45-minute consultations

  • Three customized vocal evaluations

  • 10+ hours of expertise including analysis of videos & podcasts

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Upcoming Courses

Own The Power Of Your Voice

(for WOMEN)


Next 12 week course starts 

Monday Feb. 5, 2024

  • 6 90-minute group sessions

  • 3 one-to-one sessions

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Custom Plan

Custom Session or Package Plan

  • Created for other sessions and curated packages

  • Please confirm pricing with Peggy prior to checking out

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"I went through Peggy’s True Voice coaching program and I’ve got to say it was absolutely amazing. I’m expressing a lot more dynamically. Every time I’m on a microphone there’s a whole lot more of me coming through. It’s more of a body experience and I couldn't be happier about it."

John Biethan

CEO Imagine Podcasting

"Working with Peggy was the most fun, enriching and confidence building experience I’ve had with my voice… Her knowledge and wisdom far exceeds any of my other vocal coaches and I’ve had several in the last 30 years… Her heart is so pure and her desire to bring out the best in my voice actually lifted me up and assisted me with finding my voice… She helped me see that speaking and singing from my heart was not as hard as I thought it was… she made me fall in love with my voice."

Dale Bach

Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker


(760) 533-9652



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