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"Everything changed when I learned how to free my voice - first singing and then speaking.  What I learned was that the thread that ran through everything was my voice - and its everyone's voice. My passion is to journey with you to experience every area of your life with a new freedom through your voice."  



And to think…it all started when Peggy had the worst job in the world. No kidding. The actual worst job in the world. 


To pay for graduate school, she worked as a telemarketer raising funds for an anti-crime hotline. No training, no support. Sink or swim. On her first day, armed only with an office phone and a boring, lifeless script to read, she was expected to effectively promote the number one anonymous citizens crime reporting hotline system in the nation. No pressure.


No one expected her to do it, much less do it well. But to everyone’s surprise, she did. And within a few weeks, she became one of their top salespeople. How? She discovered that her skills as a singer could bring her speaking voice to life, through melody, rhythm, tempo and using different parts of her voice…and the True Voice Method™ was born!


Peggy’s True Voice Method™ helps people overcome the mental and physical blocks that prevent them from finding and using the true and authentic power in their voice.  Her experience as a performer and speaker, and years of vocal technique, physiology, personal development and vocal work have all come together to help working professionals who want to achieve confidence in their public speaking.


By understanding and communicating the body’s connection to the voice, she is able to diagnose a client's vocal needs, and unlock their unique and authentic expression.


She has coached small businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with the True Voice Method™, and looks forward to the opportunity to do so for you. 

Hear Peggy
Hear Peggy chat with Rebecca Massoud, the host of Savvy, Soulful & Successful





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