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Free Your Voice,

Change Your Life

We’ve all heard the phrase

“you never get a second chance to make a first impression".


As entrepreneurs, the moment we prepare to say our first words to a potential new client, group or audience, we cross that threshold…and we need to make it count. 


Are you fearful of public speaking,

don’t like how your voice sounds

or think you need to say everything perfectly?


Peggy Lebo has helped people just like you successfully overcome those obstacles to dynamically express themselves in a way that connects.


It’s called the True Voice Method, and not only will it grow your business, it will change your life. 




It’s that special something that makes a person magnetic. Captivating. Someone you want to listen to. Someone you want to be. But what’s the secret? How do we activate our presence?

The secret is in our voice. We use it every day, and it’s the most effective tool we have. When our voice is naturally amplified without stress or strain, when it’s free, unleashed, given power…when it’s true, that’s when it becomes dynamic…and the magic happens.

Peggy Lebo understands this and brings over 20 years of training and experience in vocal development and personal growth to her clients.


Her perfected method to free the authentic voice - the True Voice Method - is an essential tool for entrepreneurs, speakers and podcasters – anyone who needs to be confident speaking in front of other people.


Hear what Peggy’s clients are saying about her and see the expertise behind the success. She looks forward to doing the same for you!




For individuals and entrepreneurs that are ready to be heard.  Immersive experience to unlock your authentic vocal style in your personal and business life.

Speakers and Podcasters

Be a Voice of Influence - dedicated to those whose voice is their brand.   Customized coaching and courses available to embody the power of your voice.


Individual and group sessions customized to meet your specific need - whether preparing a presentation or creating a marketing video to promote your brand.


“Working with Peggy Lebo has helped me to unleash my voice and to let go of fears which have shown up in many ways in my life... In my radio show I have more freedom and confidence to speak in ways that have a greater impact… I am completely fearless as a result of working with Peggy- she has unleashed not only my voice -she’s unleashed my presence, my power and my passion as a speaker.” 

Ken Foster

Bestselling Author, Radio Show Host, Podcaster

“Peggy is the most intuitive vocal coach I have had the pleasure to work with. Her tools and teaching are so practical and most importantly- they work! I absolutely loved my experience with Peggy." 

Josee Brisebois

Personal Brand Style Expert, TV Personality




It likely comes as no surprise that True Voice Coaching was developed with incredible world-wide experience of Peggy Lebo as a vocal artist, music teacher and speaker. 

"The journey that I have been on, has called for reinvention, an opportunity to go back and pull pieces of my life to bring into who I am now."

Peggy performs original music and crafts, custom concert experiences and keynote speaking engagements while continuing to support singers, songwriters, and speakers with discovering and expressing their true voice.  Check out her music.

Looking for a speaker to motivate others through the power of voice? 

Contact Peggy for more information.



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