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Peggy Lebo

Every now and then a respected songwriter steps from behind the scenes and into the performance spotlight, revealing untold depths of voice, artistry and star power. “First Breath,” the debut album by Peggy Lebo, marks such an event.

Divina Infuso - music critic for major publications, including Rolling Stone magazine.

Award winning singer/songwriter Peggy Lebo, while most often compared to Sarah McClachlan, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell, blends alternative folk-rock and layered vocals to create her own distinct sound.

Lebo spent her early career in Los Angeles writing songs for other artists include “Celebrate“, Elle Mac’s 1996 hit that reached #3 on the Billboard dance charts and continues to air frequently on MTV Road Rules, and the song “Now I See” which achieved international success as the title track and single released in 1998 by Quincy Jones‘ artist, gospel and R&B legend Tata Vega.

While driving to the studio, a semi-truck hit Lebo and pushed her car down the freeway for more than a mile. Miraculously surviving, Lebo decided to spend her recovery time discovering her own voice as an artist. The result was her debut album “First Breath” with its heartfelt songs & flowing melodies that speak of transformation, heartbreak and love found in the most unexpected places.

Sleeping Beauty“, the single from “First Breath”, received radio airplay in California and New England and reached #1 on the Folk-Rock charts. “Lay It Down” (track #11) also reached the Top Ten, peaking at #6 and “Sacred” peaked at #5.

Turning” (track #9) has been released by Bold C Records on the compilation album “Brave Love” which features 10 great love songs from around the world that speak of being brave enough to believe in and surrender to love.

Lock the Door” (track #2) has been released on “This House“, a compilation album to benefit “The Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation” (founded by Denise and Tanya Brown) and Nicole’s House, a network of shelters and life skill programs for the victims of family and partner violence.

Most recently, Peggy has written the song “Drive On” which is featured on The Real Women Project CD “Time For Us Now“. This national movement has gained the support of many celebrities in their efforts to portray and celebrate the diverse beauty of women.